What IS My Purpose?

What IS my purpose?

I’ve asked that question many, many times, and asked it once again this morning. It’s something I have struggled with for many, many years. I ask myself, “Are you doing what you are supposed to do?” (supposed to do is NOT a good question). Or, “Are you doing what you are here to do?” (I think this is the better question). The problem is, each time I have asked myself that question, the answer has almost always been the same; “I don’t know.” Because the answer has almost always been, I don’t know, it has led me to read many articles, books, and blogs about the subject. It has led me to listen to many inspirational speakers, spiritual leaders, mystics, and philosophers, searching them for their wise words to help me answer that one relentless question, what IS my purpose?

During my life, I have had many roles, I have been and are, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, step-mother, waitress, cashier, bookkeeper, musician, office manager, chef, and life mastery coach. I searched outside myself for the answer to that question and I have searched within myself for the answer to that question. I have looked to you and many others to help me answer that question. Today was another one of those days when I asked again. This morning was like other mornings, doing what I do, I prayed, I meditated, I exercised, I fed my cats, and I ate breakfast. But today, the asking brought me gentle answers. And for some reason, today, the answers make sense. You see, the thought crossed my mind that there isn’t just ONE purpose, but many. I don’t have just ONE purpose, I have many. And the many purposes I have, have been filled, each purpose was filled within each of the “roles” I have played and play. Each role with purpose, each with a reason. Maybe not always with understanding, but always with and for a reason. I may not have realized some of them even had a purpose, but each HAD a purpose. I feel like there’s been many reasons for each of the things I have done, and each had some purpose.

I can see and believe today, that everything IS for something, and nothing IS for nothing. What I understand and believe is, that whatever it is I do, if I do it from a place of love, it has great purpose. The other thing I have been lead to understand and believe is just be open to the closing of one door, even if it scares me. And allow another one to open and be willing to follow the pathway to a new purpose. And so, I will. I’ll keep moving forward and sometimes I will see the purpose I serve and sometimes I won’t, but I do believe, and believe finally, with my whole heart, that there is one.

No More Procrastination

smf rose

I didn’t know where to start, so I asked the question. The answer I heard was “start where you are”. I don’t know who said it, but I heard it in my head. So that’s what I am going to do. Start where I am.

I am Cathy Blanchette, daughter, sister, wife, mother, step mother, friend, partner, chef, business owner, blogger, (sort of 🙂 and probably much more than what I have already mentioned. And I am probably going to add more as I go. Because that is what I do. Today is Sunday, and I am writing this first blog ever. You may or may not have seen the other blog postings, but I didn’t write them, my web designer did. If you’re asking why, I’m going to try to explain. The word that comes up each and every time I am waiting on doing something is procrastination. I haven’t looked up the definition recently, but in my mind, it means holding off doing something. And hold off I have. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because I am afraid. Afraid, it’s not going to be good enough or what readers might want to hear. So I haven’t. Why today then? Why am I writing one today? Well, for a couple reasons. For one, I am tired of waiting. And two, I feel like I am being pushed to write these. By who, you ask? Well, in order to answer that question, I have to add more of who I am. I believe in angels, and I believe in a very big “Something” that Is in all that Is. And those angels I mentioned I believe in, they have sent number messages to me, telling me to act on what I have been prompted to do. So write I am.

The whole purpose of me starting this business I call Spirit Mind Food is so I can help people with each of those things. And I won’t be able to help, if I am doing nothing. I am not an expert at any of them, but I have had experiences which I can categorize into one of those words. And I hope that some how by sharing, it’ll help who ever might need to hear, what ever I am sharing in a blog that I write. Hopefully helping in what ever way it should be. So today I start. Where I am. Writing this blog and sharing a little about me and why this blog. I will write again very soon, I promise, without further procrastination. If you would like to learn more about angel numbers and their meanings, here is one of my favorite websites. You can find lots of information about number sequences you may be seeing too!

Welcome to my blog, I hope you visit again soon.