Ingredients and Product Guide

Do recipe acronyms look like a different language? Instead of recruiting the help of a translator, I have provided a glossary of kitchen definitions that you may come across while cooking. Plus you’ll find handy links to where you can find many of the ingredients and equipment that I use for my recipes. Happy Cooking!

Avocado Oil: Avocado Oil is a delicately flavored oil that stands up to high heat cooking. Great for roasting veggies, sautéing and stir frying. My favorite brand is Chosen Foods, they use the finest Hass avocados. Click here to learn more at

Celtic Sea Salt: Celtic Sea Salt is an authentic, unprocessed salt, that contains essential minerals. Click here to learn more at

Collagen Hydrolysate: Hydrolyzed collagen is an easily digested protein source containing several amino acids. Our bodies can use these amino acids to support healthy bones, hair, nails, and skin. Click here to learn more at For more information visit:

EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bragg Organic Olive Oil is one of my favorites. Click here to learn more at

Ceramic Pans: All ceramic pans aren’t created equal. My recommendation is Gotham Steel. These ceramic pans are lightweight, non-stick and easy to work with. I think you’ll like them too! Click here to learn more at

Almond Butter: Thrive Market offers hundreds of your favorite brands of Almond Butter at up to 50% off retail. You can get a 16 oz. jar for free. Click here or the image below to find out more!!

Ghee, Cacao Nibs, and Chia Seeds: These can all be found at Thrive Market. Click here to find out how you can save on Ghee, Cacao Nibs, Chia Seeds and so many more!!

Crepe Pans: These can be found at Click here to find out how easy it is to make my sweet potato crepes with these Crepe Pans!!